Asian Studies

Asian studies is the collection of historical studies of Asian areas. The studies which are in parenthesis are subcategories of the studies of which their names follow.
Our current list of Asian studies is as follows;

Central Asian; Mongolology, Tibetology

Middle Eastern Studies; Assyriology, Caucasology (Abkhaz Studies, Armenology, Chechen Studies, Dagestan Studies, Kartvelology, Ossetian Studies), Hittitology, Iranology (Kurdology, Persian Studies), Islamic Studies, Judaic Studies, Ottoman Studies, Seljuk Studies, Semitology

East Asian Studies; Japanology (Ainu Studies, Ryukyuan Studies), Koreanology, Manchurology, Miao Studies, Mongolology, Sinology (Hakka Studies, Hong Kong Studies, Macau Studies, Taiwan Studies, Teochew Studies), Tibetology, Uyghur Studies, Yi Studies, Zhuang Studies

South Asian Studies; Indology (Bengali Studies, Dravidology), Pakistanology (Sindhology), Tibetology

Southeast Asian Studies; Burma Studies, Indonesian Studies (Javanology), Khmer Studies, Lao Studies, Philippine Studies, Thai Studies, Vietnamese Studies

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