Google Maps

Google Maps has helped millions of people get to where they want to get to. It has also been a source of entertainment for millions across the globe. Take this image of this cat for example;

Hilarious. Many more hilarious images can be found on Google maps, sometimes even enough images are captured to created a funny video. Take this video of this dog chasing the Google Maps car down the street for example;

Truly entertaining. These funny pets are not the reason I have added this wing of my website. This wing will be for interesting locations with potential historical value.

Great Sphinx

Above is an image I captured of the Great Sphinx. Google Maps has many clear images, especially with their recent upgrades. This will be extremely useful for helping put locations and constructions into perspective. As well as potentially discovering new information which has yet to be found.

The Great Pyramids

Above is an image I captured of the Great Pyramids. You can barely see the sphinx on the right, with the noticeable shadow behind it. Truly, these are massive constructions.

Northern Africa

Above is an image I captured of Northern Africa. Giza, where the Great Pyramids are located, is near the part of the green that expands outwards the further north it goes. The Mediterranean Sea is to the north, and the Red sea to the South-East.

Google Maps has much to offer, so I’ll be documenting interesting information from it here on this part of my website.

My current articles on Google Maps find are as follows;

(1) – ‘Siberian Geoglyphs in the Tunguska Nature Reserve’ –

(2) – ‘Star Fort and Novozakamskaya Line in Samara, Russia’

(3) –

the world, an image I captured

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