Ctruth Article of the Month List

Every month there is a poll available on the Ctruth Patreon channel that allows Bronze Tier and up Ctruth Patrons to vote on a topic for an article each month.

The production of the Article of the Month is currently on pause. The poll for the topic received no votes for two months straight (August and September 2020), and writing the articles takes a significant bit of time because I want to provide quality content. The Article of the Month will be resumed when Ctruth has 100 patrons on the Ctruth Patreon channel.

This present article contains the full collection of links to Ctruth Article of the Month series.

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The order of items below is; Month, Topic, Article Title (and link). “T.B.A.” means “To Be Announced”. “T.B.D.” means “To Be Determined”.

February 2020: Art, Cesare Borgia and the White Jesus Christ.

March 2020: Art, The Sleeping Cupid and Michelangelo.

April 2020: Art, Biography of Chang Dai-chien.

May 2020: Exploration, Map of the Unexplored World 1881.

June 2020: Science, LIDAR.

July 2020: Records, The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript.

August 2020: Hoax, The Great Moon Hoax.

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Gain the ability to vote on next month’s topic on Ctruth’s Patreon channel:

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