Ctruth Article of the Month List

Every month there is a poll available on the Ctruth Patreon channel that allows Bronze Tier and up Ctruth Patrons to vote on a topic for an article each month.

This present article contains the full collection of links to Ctruth Article of the Month series.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

The order of items below is; Month, Topic, Article Title (and link). “T.B.A.” means “To Be Announced”. “T.B.D.” means “To Be Determined”.

February 2020: Art, Cesare Borgia and the White Jesus Christ.

March 2020: Art, The Sleeping Cupid and Michelangelo.

April 2020: Art, Biography of Chang Dai-chien.

May 2020: Exploration, Map of the Unexplored World 1881.

June 2020: Science, LIDAR.

July 2020: Records, The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript.

August 2020: Hoax, The Great Moon Hoax.

September 2020: History, T. B. A..

October 2020: T. B. D., …..

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Gain the ability to vote on next month’s topic on Ctruth’s Patreon channel:

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