Ctruth Bibliographies

Bibliographies are lists of written works. They can include books, journals, notes, and the like. They are useful for listing out the relevant works for specific topics. For example, if you wanted to know what books have been published on the topic of “history”, a “bibliography of history” would be of help.

As I’ve been keeping up with my studies, I’ve been compiling bibliographies of my own. This article contains links below to my articles that talk about bibliography or contain bibliographies.



1 – https://ctruth.today/2021/04/11/bibliography/

2 – https://ctruth.today/2021/05/14/the-fathers-of-bibliography/

3 – https://ctruth.today/2021/07/21/project-ash-bibliography-professors/


Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

1 – https://ctruth.today/2020/06/02/plotws-bibliography-for-the-parker-chronicle/

Auxiliary Historical Sciences

1 – https://ctruth.today/2021/05/13/auxiliary-sciences-of-history-2/


1 – https://ctruth.today/2020/08/12/chronology-literature/

2 – https://ctruth.today/2020/12/24/literature-on-calendars/


1 – https://ctruth.today/2021/06/24/a-bibliography-of-forgery/

Fomenko’s New Chronology

1 – https://ctruth.today/2019/02/03/bibliography-of-fomenkos-new-chronology/

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