Phlegon of Tralles

Phlegon of Tralles (2nd century AD), aka Publius Aelius Phlegon and Paradoxographus Phlegon Traillanus. His life and works are severely obscure.

Some works attributed to him are; Olympiads, On Marvels, & On Long-Lived Persons [2].

“William Hansen has done everyone a favor by making this text available in English. To it he has joined translations of another work by Phlegon, “On long lived persons”, and a fragment (Fr.1) of his “Olympiad Chronicle”, all found in the single 10th century manuscript that alone has transmitted the text to us (it also is the sole source for two other paradoxographies). Finally I have added a translation of fragment 12 of the “Olympiad Chronicle.”” – Kindle Customer, June 9th, 2006 [3].

What is this 10th century manuscript?

P.Oxy.XVII 2082. has been attributed to Phlegon and is dated to the 2nd century. It was discovered either in the 19th or the 20th century and was first published in 1927. It is located in the Papyrology Rooms, Sackler Library, Oxford. [4].

I think Fragment 34 is in Felix Jacoby‘s 1929 publication due to the reference provided here.

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