Historical Sources for Jesus Christ

This article contains a collection of historical sources which mention Jesus Christ. Biblical sources are not included.

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Josephus (37-100). Antiquities, Book 18, Chapter 3 & Book 20, Chapter 9.1, Section 200. AO 17th c.(?).

Tacitus (56-120). Annals, Book 15, Chapter 44. AO 14th-15th c..

Pliny the Younger (c.61-c.113). Letters, Book 10.96-97. AO 16th c..

Suetonius (c.69-after c.122). Twelve Caesars, Claudius 25 & Nero 16.

Mara bar Serapion (unknown lifespan, possibly 2nd half of the first century, but no later than 200 AD). The Letter to his son. AO 1843.

Lucian of Samosata (c.125-after 180). The Passing of Peregrinus, 11-13.

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