Historical Sources for Jesus Christ

This article contains a collection of historical sources which mention Jesus Christ. Biblical sources are not included.

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Josephus (37-100). Antiquities, Book 18, Chapter 3 & Book 20, Chapter 9.1, Section 200.

Tacitus (56-120). Annals, Book 15, Chapter 44.

Pliny the Younger (c.61-c.113). Pliny’s Letter to Trajan.

Suetonius (c.69-after c.122). Twelve Caesars, Claudius 25 & Nero 16.

Mara bar Serapion (unknown lifespan, possibly 2nd half of the first century, but no later than 200 AD). The Letter to his son.

Lucian of Samosata (c.125-after 180). The Passing of Peregrinus, 11-13.

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