Pliny the Younger MSS

This article contains the siglum, names, alleged datings, and alleged parents of the texts of Pliny the Younger’s MSS. There are four main groups; 10-book MSS, 9-book MSS, 8-book MSS, and 100 letters.

10-book MSS

(P) New York, Pierpont Morgan M.462. Late 5th century AD.

(B) Florence, Laurentianus Ashburnham 98. 9th c. AD. (Descended from P)

(F) Florence, Laurentianus S. Marco 284. 11th c. AD. (Descended from P)

Berne 136. 12th c. AD. (Descended from F)

Rouen O.9 (1111). 13th c. AD. (Descended from F)

Leiden, Bibliotheca Publica Latina 199. 13th c. AD (Descended from F)

(A) Printed edition of Avantius. Venice, 1502. (Probably from P)

(I/i) Oxford, Bodleian Auct. L.4.3. 16th c. AD.

(a) Printed edition of Aldus. Venice, 1508.

9-book MSS

(V) Vatican Lat. 3864. Late 9th c. AD.

(M) Florence Laurentianus 47.36. 9th c. AD.

8-book MSS

Oxford, Bodleian Holkham Hall 396. 15th c. AD.

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