New York, Pierpont Morgan M.462

The allegedly history of the MS is as follows:

The original manuscript was created in Italy around 490-499 and was in France by around 1380. The original contained 281 leaves. Today, it contains 6 leaves, which are folios 48-53 of the Codex Parisinus..

It appears out of obscurity in 1500 when it was discovered in the Saint Victor Library by the Dominican Fra Giovanni Giocondo of Verona. He removed it from the library in 1505. Marchese Francesco Taccone of Naples (1763-1818) purchased the surviving 6 leaves of the manuscript in the 18th century. J. Pierpont Morgan purchased the MS in 1910 from Tammaro de Marinis, an heir of Marchese Francesco Taccone.

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