Manuscripts of Isocrates

Isocrates has been commonly believed to have lived around the early 4th century BC. He was supposedly one out of ten Attic orators of his time. There were allegedly 60 orations known of his in Roman times, but only 21 have survived through medieval manuscripts. There are three ancient copies titled Ad Demonic, Ad Nicoclem, and the Nicocles that were discovered recently that are also considered to contain writings of his. His text was printed for the first time by Demetrius Chalcondylas in Milan in 1493.

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There are 121 manuscripts and 10 papyri listed in Drerup’s edition. The currently listed papyri which are not short fragments are as follows;

Papyrus London. (allegedly 1st century AD)

Papyrus Massiliensis. (allegedly 4th-5th century AD)

Papyrus Berlin. (allegedly 2nd century AD)

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The currently identified and listed primary manuscripts are as follows;

Γ – Urbinas III. (allegedly 9th-10th centuries)

Δ – Vatican graecus 936. (allegedly 14th century)

E – Ambrosian O 144. (allegedly 15th century)

Θ – Florence, Laurentianus 87, 14. (allegedly 13th century)

Λ – Vatican gr. 65. (allegedly 1063AD)

Π – Paris BNF graecus 2932. (allegedly 15th century)

Z – Scaphusianus 43. (allegedly 15th century)

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