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Manuscripts of Isocrates

Isocrates has been commonly believed to have lived around the early 4th century BC. He was supposedly one out of ten Attic orators of his time. There were allegedly 60 orations known of his in Roman times, but only 21 have survived through medieval… Continue Reading “Manuscripts of Isocrates”

Origins of Mayan and Mixtec Writings

This article establishes the dates of creation and discovery for some Mayan and Mixtec writings. Please email me or comment if you have additional information you would like added. Most codices destroyed by conquistadors and Catholic priests in the 16th century 1562 – Fray… Continue Reading “Origins of Mayan and Mixtec Writings”

Odin as Christ?

This article establishes connections and correlations between the Odin character and the Christ character. This article is the second and main article of a two part series. The first article, which is a primer for this one, is titled Odin as Christ? Primer. Sources… Continue Reading “Odin as Christ?”

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