Magical Thinking

With Halloween right around the corner, this won’t be the last time you’ll hear of magic this month. You may have parties you’ll be attending, or houses you’ll be securing, but the thing that everyone has, the binding element that brings us together for this discussion, is expectation. 

Expectations can be tricky. You may be expecting your plans to go exactly how they had been envisioned going, only to have fate humble you with reality. That same reality with which we so diligently interact. 

If you are part of the Think Well group, chances are you’ve at some point in your life noticed that our perception has its flaws. The real reality that is developing around us is sometimes distorted by our own cognitive processes. By identifying these processes in ourselves and in our communities, we can more readily achieve freedom from the arguably negative effects that these distortions reap upon us. 

This announcements topic is “Magical Thinking”. 

What is Magical Thinking?

Let us refer to the article @ states: “Magical thinking ..(is the).. Expectation of certain outcomes based on performance of unrelated acts or utterances.”

Magical thinking is a form of cognitive distortion. Cognitive distortions are the cognitive processes which poorly represent the reality which is being perceived. 

Have you ever been guilty of magical thinking?

Are you interested in avoiding it?

Check out this article for more –…/

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