A Message To The Ctruth Website Visitors and Supporters


I’ve had this website for a little while over 2 years now and I’ve covered a lot of informational ground. I have around 870 posts on the website and have plans to increase this number. The reason why I’m writing this article is to inform you that I will be slowing down the amount of publications per month at least for February and March 2021.

The reason for this slowing down is to allow myself to enhance older articles while also studying and writing new articles. I don’t want to post articles that I have a vision for but that also fall incredibly short of that vision. I don’t know how true this saying is, but “the best food takes the longest to cook”. This motto is a significant motivator in my choice to slow down posting as much. Production will remain consistent, quality will increase, but posting will be lessened.

As mentioned above, there are around 870 posts on the website already. If you’ve gone through all of those I’ll be impressed and would love to chat with you about it. If you haven’t, please review the Start Here article (and the articles linked there) so as to get more familiar with how to navigate the website and how to help with improving the quality.

Here’s the full link to the Start Here page: https://ctruth.today/2020/10/30/start-here/

Another reason is that I got a month of the Adobe Creative Cloud and I’m spending time learning how to use some of those apps for creating content. I’m planning on getting it through March too and so I’ll be somewhat busy figuring all that out.

Sincerely yours,
Stephen Sorensen

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2 Comments on “A Message To The Ctruth Website Visitors and Supporters

  1. I applaud this choice and the work that you. Found you on Crow. Thank you for your work discovering the truth in “history”.

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    • Thank you. Crrow and Jason were fun to chat with and I’m thinking I’ll hit them up again about doing another show sometime in the future. Also you’re welcome for my work and I’m glad you enjoy it 🙂


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