Jerome of Stridon

Jerome of Stridon (c.347-420) wrote the Latin Vulgate Bible and also a work known as Chronicon.

Chronicon MSS:

O – Codex Oxoniensis Bodleianus Lat. auct. T II 26.
Location: Oxford, Bodleian Library.
Dated 5th century.

S – Codex Floriacensis fragm.  Dismembered pages of this MS.  Paris. Lat. 6400 B (14 pages: the 7th quaternion of the Ms plus the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 8th gatherings of the 8th quaternion); Leiden, Voss. Lat. Q. 110 A (6 pages at the end of P); Vatican Reginensis 1709 (2 pages).
Location: Leiden, Paris & Vatican.
Dated 5th century.
Provenance 16th century.

B – Codex Bernensis 219 (once Bongarsianus, in Scaliger; Aurelianensis or A in Pontacus).
Location: Berne, Stadtbibliothek.
Dated 7th century.
Provenance 17th, maybe 16th century.

A – Codex Valentianus 495 (once Amandinus).
Location: Valenciennes, Bibliothèque de la Ville.
Dated 7th century.

P – Codex Leidensis Lat. Voss. Q 110 (once Petavianus).
Location: Leiden.
Dated 9th century.

N – Codex Turonensis Berolin. Phillips. 1872.
Location: Berlin, Staatsbibliothek.
Dated 9th or 10th century.

M – Codex Middlehillensis Berolin. Phillips. 1829.
Location: Berlin.
Dated 8th/9th century.

F – Codex Leidensis Scaliger 14 (once Freherianus in Scaliger and Pontacus; although the latter sometimes confused this Ms (Fre.) with the Codex Fabritianus (Fab.)).
Location: Leiden, Bibliotheek der Universiteit.
Dated 9th century.

L – Ms. Additional 16974.
Location: London, British Library.
Dated 9th/10th century.

L – Codex Lucensis bibl. capit. 490.
Location: Lucca, Chapter library.
Dated 8th century.

Lem. – Codex Lemovicensis bibl. publ. 1.
Location: Limoges.
Dated 12th century.

D – Codex Parisinus Latinus 4860 (once Colbertinus).
Location: Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale Francais.
Dated 10th century.

T – Codex Oxon. Merton 315.
Location: Oxford, Merton College.
Dated 9th century.

C – Codex Parisinus Latinus 4859 (Colbertinus).
Location: Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale Francais.
Dated 9th/10th century.

Q – Codex Parisinus Latinus 4858.
Location: Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale Francais.

U – Biblioteca Arcivescovile ot° 14.
Location: Udine, Biblioteca Arcivescovile.

W – Codex Parisinus Latinus 4870.
Location: Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale Francais.

V – Canonici script. eccl. 96.
Location: Oxford, Bodleian Library.

R – Codex Montepessulanus H. 32.
Location: Montpellier, Bibliothèque Universitaire, Section de Médecine.

There are rumored to be a hundred or so manuscripts in total. The list above are some of the more well-known MSS.

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[1] – Accessed 19 August 2020.

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