Pausanias (c.110-c.180).

“The examination of the manuscripts of Pausanias’ Periegesis was begun by J. H. C. Schubart in his edition of 1838, where he gave the first list of all eighteen codices and made the first attempt to classify them.”
– Aubrey Diller [1, p.169]

“Schubart stated the theory that Pausanias was never widely read and a single exemplar survived to be discovered in the Renaissance and became the parent of the existing mss.”
– Aubrey Dillar [1, p.169]

The single exemplar, or “archetype”, belonged to Niccolo Niccoli in 1418 and after his death in 1437 was preserved in the convent of St. Mark in Florence for a century or so and then disappeared.”
– Aubrey Dillar [1, p.170]

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[1] – Diller, Aubrey. “The Manuscripts of Pausanias.” Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association, vol. 88, 1957, pp. 169–188. JSTOR, Accessed 17 Aug. 2020.

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