Evagrius Scholasticus

Evagrius Scholasticus (536-590).

The earliest surviving MSS attributed to Evagrius is dated to the 11th century.

Pearse lists these MSS:

ACodex Laurentianus LXX 23. Florence, Laurentian Library. Dated 12th century.

LCodex Laurentianus LXIX 5. Florence, Laurentian Library. Dated 11th century.

PCodex Patmiacus 688 (Sakellion). Patmos – probably the Monastery of St. John. Dated 13th century.

BCodex Baroccianus 142. Oxford: Bodleian Library. Dated 14th century.

VCodex Marcianus Graecus 337. Venice: San Marco. Dated 15th century.

T – Codex Parisinus Graecus 1446 (Tellerianus). Paris: Bibliotheque Nationale. Dated 16th century.

E – Egerton 2626. London: probably British Library. Dated 1524.

RCodex Parisinus Graecus 1444 (‘Codex Regius’). Paris: Bibliotheque Nationale. Dated 16th century.

SCodex Scorialensis y�I�3. Madrid: Escorial. Dated 16th century.

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[1] – http://www.tertullian.org/rpearse/manuscripts/evagrius_scholasticus.htm. Accessed 14 August 2020.

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