Irenaeus of Lyon supposedly lived from around 130 to around 202 AD.

“Irenaeus’ works were first translated into English by John Keble and published in 1872 as part of the Library of the Fathers series.” [1]

What records are attributed to him?

An Armenian version of Irenaues’ Proof of the Apostolic Preaching (Prf) was discovered by Dr. Karapet Ter-Mekerttschian in 1904 and published in 1907 [2], [3].

There are four principal manuscripts in Latin. What are these manuscripts? They allegedly range in date from the 9th-15th centuries [2]. Oxford Classical Dictionary reports that there are nine Latin manuscripts which date to the 9th-16th centuries [3]. What are these manuscripts? John Oakes claims there is a 4th century Latin manuscript [4]. What is this manuscript?

Against Heresies was first printed in 1526 by Erasmus. Francois Feu-Ardent printed an edition in 1575. The standard edition was by R. Massuet, published in 1712. [2]

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