Looking into CCCC MS 173

This article details some key moments of my experience while looking into CCCC MS 173 (a.k.a. the Parker Chronicle).

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I published my first article about it on May 30th, 2020. It was basically a reaction article of me reacting to the information that the Parker Library on the Web had about it. That first article has been updated since I originally wrote it, but not much has changed. The first part contains details from the library. The second part contains my commentary and questions. The third part now contains some emails and additional commentary.

Originally, the third part only contained a notice that I was planning on emailing them. I did email them and they got back to me two days later. Now the third part contains my email to them, their response, and my commentary about it all. I also originally had my question list after the notice about the email, but since then I moved it to right before the third part so that it’s in the second part and closer to the commentary that inspired the questions.

I made a separate article to answer the questions. The first article is already lengthy as it is, so the article specifically for the questions is where they will be answered. I make a note of this in the first article too. As of right now, on the “Questions About” article, I have answers for Questions 1, 2 (but additional questions raised), 4 (kind of), and 5 (kind of, an additional is question raised). That’s 4 out of the original 10.

I’ve been reading through as much of the bibliography that’s available online but still have the majority of my questions unanswered. It’s been almost 3 weeks and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on this. I don’t mind spending even more time on it because I find it fascinating, but this does support my initial suspicion that nobody can answer the full list of questions. I also haven’t seen my full list of questions being asked anywhere else. Really the questions I’m most curious about the answers to are all the ones that haven’t been answered. The ones that have been answered are in my opinion the easiest to answer, as the answers can be applied to a number of manuscripts and deal with basic manuscript information such as methods of dating and manuscripts compositions. The other questions are more specific to this MS itself, such as when were the names for it first used, and where/how was it obtained by Wotton.

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