The Sedulius of CCCC MS 173

“The Parker Register does not mention the Sedulius at all, which is perhaps surprising in view of its distinctive appearance, for it could hardly be missed by a cataloguer.” – R. I. Page (1981, pp.9-10)

1575 – The position in the MS of the Sedulius is unknown.

by 1600 – It was placed between the Chronicle and the laws (Thomas James’ Catalog).

by 1705 – It was positioned at the end of the MS. This is how it is ordered today. *Wanley (1705).

“Again at some stage the eighth-century booklet containing Sedulius’ Carmen Paschale was added to the collection, but it cannot be proven when this took place.” – M. B. Parkes (1976, p.151)

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[4] – PAGE, R. I. “THE PARKER REGISTER AND MATTHEW PARKER’S ANGLO-SAXON MANUSCRIPTS.” Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, vol. 8, no. 1, 1981, pp. 1–17. JSTOR, Accessed 11 June 2020.

[6] – PARKES, M. B. “The Palaeography of the Parker Manuscript of the ‘Chronicle’, Laws and Sedulius, and Historiography at Winchester in the Late Ninth and Tenth Centuries.” Anglo-Saxon England, vol. 5, 1976, pp. 149–171. JSTOR, Accessed 11 June 2020.

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