Contents of CCCC MS 173

This article contains information about the contents of CCCC MS 173.

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“As it stands now, CCCC 173 consists of two quite distinct parts. The first is the famous text of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the laws, together with a group of papal and episcopal lists that occupy a separate quire (Ker 39). The second, on vellum of different size and therefore easily distinguishable, is an earlier manuscript of Sedulius’s Carmen paschale and other works (Ker 40).” – R. I. Page (1981, p.9)

The Parker MS is a collection of 5 booklets [1]. The current order of the booklets was established in the 17th century and was recorded for the first time by Humphrey Wanley in 1705.

Parkes (1976) splits them up as:
B1 – Fols. 1-25. 9th-10th centuries.
B2 – Fols. 26-32. Mid-10th-11th cc.
B3 – Fols. 33-52. Mid-10th c.
B4 – Fols. 53-56. 10th-12th cc.
B5 – Fols. 57-83. 8th-9th cc.

James [2] divided the collection into two volumes, the first (B1-B4) belonging to the 9th-11th cc. and the second (B5) belonging to the 8th-9th cc..

CCCC 575 (the Parker Register) lists CCCC 173 as S.11. The current arrangement of MS 173 was made in the late 17th/early 18th century when the MS was rebound.

The Parker Library On the Web lists this MS as Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 173: The Parker Chronicle. The website hosts a collection of 179 images which show the entire MS.

The PLOtW lists 11 parts to the MS in the contents on the image viewer, but it does not include which parts are contained in what pages. It does tell the parts and their page number in the more details section. I include a guide here for easier navigation.

[f. = folio, half of a folded sheet],
[r. = recto (front)],
[v. = verso (back)].

Simplified Guide:

Booklets One & Two

1 – The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, A-version, preceded by the West-Saxon Royal Genealogy. [f. 1r – f. 32r].

2 – Acta Lanfranci. [f. 32r – 32v].

Booklet Three

3 – Anglo-Saxon Laws of Alfred and Ine. [f. 33r – f. 52v].

Booklet Four

4 – Lists of popes and English bishops. [f. 53r – f. 56v].

Booklet Five

5 – Sedulius, Letter I to Macedonius. [f. 57r – f. 58v].

6 – Sedulius, Carmen paschale. [f. 59r – f. 79v].

7 – Sedulius, Hymn A solis ortus cardine. [f. 79v-80r]

8 – Sedulius, Letter II to Macedonius. [f. 80r – f. 81r].

9 – Verses of Damasus on St Paul. [f. 81r-81v].

10 – Sedulius, Elegia. [f. 81v – f. 82v].

11 – Augustine, De ciuitate Dei, xviii.23 (excerpts) with three versions of Sibylline prophecies. [f. 82v – f. 83v].

There are blank pages in the main portion of the MS (f. 1r – f. 83v).
They are: [f. 35v], [f. 53v – f. 54r], and [f. 56r – f. 56v].

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The Sedulius

The Sedulius of CCCC MS 173 appears out of obscurity in the 16th century. Read more about it here.

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[1] – PARKES, M. B. “The Palaeography of the Parker Manuscript of the ‘Chronicle’, Laws and Sedulius, and Historiography at Winchester in the Late Ninth and Tenth Centuries.” Anglo-Saxon England, vol. 5, 1976, pp. 149–171. JSTOR, Accessed 11 June 2020.

[2] – Carl P. E. Springer. “The Manuscripts of Sedulius a Provisional Handlist.” Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 85, no. 5, 1995, pp. i-244. JSTOR, Accessed 17 June 2020.

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