PSALMISTICE ~ Mystic Motorcycling

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci

^quote used in Psalmistice’s The language of the birds.

This article contains links to my other articles on Colin McKay’s blog, Psalmistice. The main reason I chose to start reviewing Colin McKay’s blog is because a friend of mine has been telling me for over a year that he thinks I’d really enjoy it. This article basically serves as a “main page” to trace my journey through Colin’s works.

Colin has had his blog since November 2013 and writes about his travels, motorcycles, nature, philosophy, religion, alchemy, history, etymology, banking, and much more. From short videos of him riding his motorcycle, to long posts about theology and mysticism, Colin has a lot of content. On my last count (May 27, 2020), his blog had 114 posts.

“For silence is not God, nor speaking is not God;
fasting is not God, nor eating is not God;
loneliness is not God, nor company is not God;
nor yet any of all the other two such contraries.
He is hid between them, and may not be found
by any work of thy soul,
but all only by love of thine heart.

He may not be known by reason,
He may not be gotten by thought,
nor concluded by understanding;
but He may be loved and chosen
with the true lovely will of thine heart … .”

Anonymous, Epistle of Discretion

^quote used in Psalmistice’s *I* disappear.

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My articles about Psalmistice

May 21, 2020: About Psalmistice.

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