Project Antifomenko

It looks like Project Antifomenko is mainly headed by Andrey Novikov.

On Novikov’s website he has an article titled “What is the New Chronology?“. It’s a short, less than three paragraph article that attempts to use humor to essentially paint Fomenko’s New Chronology as an atheistic religion with unhinged followers being led by Fomenko & company. It is packed full of sensational language and nearly half of it is just a paragraph from Peter Obraztsov’s book “The ABCs of Shambaloids”, which according to Google page translate reads as:

“Fomencology is the science created by the mathematician Fomenko , proving that the Battle of Kulikovo was near the modern Rossiya Hotel, and the Battle of the Ice on Khoroshevskoye Shosse near the Fridge factory. Accurate calculations by Academician Fomenko prove that Marx-Engels are actually two different people, and the Glory of the CPSU is not a person at all. Also, the Fomenko school demonstrated that Stenka Razin, Emelyan Pugachev, Napoleon and the Nightingale the Robber are reincarnations of Chikatilo.

The above passage is a string of strawmen arguments, none of which reflect any arguments from the New Chronology. Where Novikov could provide serious critiques against the New Chronology, he resorts to propagating logical fallacies in an attempt to prove his point.

The first paragraph on the page reads (Eng trans.):

It appears to me that this is the main page he has for links on Fomenko’s New Chronology. The first link is the “What is the New Chronology?” article that I just discussed above. The second link is to his 2011 publication, “The Collapse of the New Chronology”. This book will receive a response in a separate article.

None of his website is available for English readers. His work has not been made available in English.

Publish with Anti-Fomenko

What are the publishing requirements? Basically none aside from:

1 – Criticize Fomenko (doesn’t matter if it’s a valid criticism, any will do)

2 – Make fun of Fomenko

The Anti-Fomenko project (AFP) is not an academic project. This is an important note given how much Charles Halperin references it for his often cited article on Fomenko’s New Chronology.


The 30% Of Russians Quote

The quote about 30% of Russians is found at the end of the article linked below in this section. The story, in my opinion, is altogether unbelievable, although I’m open to seeing any evidence to back the claims.

The Quote

The quote is found near the end of the article.

English translation: “Meanwhile, analytical agencies gave alarming signals. At least 30% of capable Russians believed in the “New Chronology” irrevocably. Poor people on an ever-increasing scale are buying up fomenko books, despite the fact that the publishing house puts a price of 250 rubles per volume.”

No citation, no agencies named, and 250 rubles is roughly $3, incredibly cheap when compared to almost any academic publisher.

Title & Link

Rus: Цадиков С.И. Мифы народов мира. “Новейшая хронология”

Eng: Tsadikov S.I. Myths of the peoples of the world. “Latest chronology”


A Response From Fomenko

Fomenko has mentioned this project in his Answers to Our Critics section. Fomenko says this:

“For the third time some articles from the book “Antifomenko”, about which we wrote above, were published. But a new detail appeared. A draftsman of the collected book (U.V.Chashchikhin) and publishing house “ANVIK K” (director А.А.Kuvshinov) made a forgery, having without informing us included into the collected book UNDER OUR NAMES an article <<Review of the books “Antifomenko” and <<History and anti-history. Critics of “new chronology” of academician А.Т.Fomenko>> >>.
For this they used published by us in Internet answer, the full text of which see above. With this U.V.Chashchikhin and А.А.Kuvshinov seriously edited our text, considerably shortened it (for example, our comments regarding the article of U.V.Chashchikhin are put away. The publication allegedly from our name, under our last names, of distorted materials – this is new and, frankly speaking, dirty stroke in the behavior of some followers of the Scaligerian chronology.”

Fomenko appears to me to be much more polite than his antifomenko following.

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  1. Hi Stephen,
    I consider it to be a good news for Fomenko. My friend said once, after some vegan group debunked my blog, that “unless you got an enemy you do not really exist! ” 🙂

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