Antiochus of Syracuse

Antiochus of Syracuse is believed to have been a Greek historian who flourished around 420 BC.

There is barely any information on the internet about him or his works that I could find from a brief search.

He allegedly wrote two works:
1 – History of Sicily
2 – Colonizing of Italy

These two works have no surviving copies which are complete. They only exist in fragments. Thucydides is reported to have used 1, and 2 was reportedly used by Strabo and Dionysius of Halicarnassus.

Despite only fragments remained, they supposedly have had high reputation due to the belief in their historical accuracy.

I think possibly the fragments are named in here.

What are the names of the fragments and where are they held? What is the provenance for each of them? Which are the fundamental editions for copies? As far as I can tell, nobody has answers for the questions I have about this person.

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