Stephanus of Byzantium

Stephenaus of Byzantium (fl.6th c. AD) might have lived under Justinian I and is considered the author of the important geographical dictionary, Ethnica. Only fragments survive of this work.

His work was printed in 1502, 1568, 1678, 1688, 1692, and so on.

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Surviving Texts

The main fragments of the work are preserved by Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos (905-959). Specifically, they are in his two works; De administrando imperio, ch. 23 (the article Ίβηρίαι δύο) and De thematibus, ii. 10 (an account of Sicily).
De Administrando Imperio (“On the Governance of the Empire”) survives in 4 manuscripts. Two of them are copies of another, and the final one is considered the oldest. The two that were copies of another were made in 1509-1529(?)(F) and 1560-1586(?)(M). The one that those two were copied from was made in 1509(V). “All the extent manuscripts go back to the” [3] oldest manuscript, which is dated to the 11th century(P).
(P)’s name is Codex Parisinus Gr. 2009 and it is kept in the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. It is believed to have been written between 1059 and 1081. There is no trace of it from the time of its creation to the time when Antony Eparchus, Bishop of Corfu, is alleged to have copied it in 1509.

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