Sources for the Epistle of Clement

The MSS are listed by their siglum, then location, then shelfmark, then the supposed century of origin. The ones with N/A siglum have been assigned one by me.

The writing is dated to 95-96AD, but it does not appear to surface out of obscurity until the 17th century.

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A. London: British Library. Codex Alexandrinus. 5th.

C. Jerusalem. Codex Hierosolymitanus / Codex Constantinopolitanus. 11th.

S. Cambridge: University Library. Ms. Additional 1700. 12th.

N/A (T). Birmingham University, Mingana collection. Mingana Syr. 4. 19th.

N/A (U). Harvard (Houghton Library). Ms. Syr. 91. (accession 4027). 19th.

L. Namur: Grand Seminaire. Ms. Sem. 37. 11th.

Kb. Berlin: Staatsbibliothek. Ms. Orient., fol. 3065. 4th.

Ks. Strasbourg. N/A. 7th.

The MSS listed chronologically by the centuries in which they appear to surface out of obscurity:

17th century

19th century
C, L, S, T, U.

20th century
Kb, Ks.

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