Codex Vaticanus Graecus 984

Codex Vaticanus Graecus 984 is held in the Vatican Library in Rome, Italy.

It appears that B. Niese (1849-1910) was among the first to seriously analyze these MSS, along with Justus von Destinon.

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On the information presented in [1]

These MSS are all written in Greek and are kept in the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana.

1: This MS is kept in the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. It is dated to the 14th century, specifically 1354. It contains the Flavii Iosephi Opera (The Works of Flavius Josephus).

2: Its supplied title is Antiquitates Iudaicae libri XX.

16: Its supplied title is Iosephi Vita.

17: Its supplied title is Antiquitates Iudaicae (X,232-X,281).

18: Its supplied title is De bello Iudaico libri VII.

Pearse reports [3] that this MS contains an epitome of Ant. 1-10, Ant. 11-20, and War. Niese [2] reports that W contains Ant. 11-20 (with minor lacunae), an epitome of Ant. 1-10, as well as the Life  and the War. These variations lead me to believe that either Pearse or Niese had reasons unknown to me for doing this or that these two did not fully understand the contents of these MSS. I think Pearse may have reported his contents from a different source (meaning he didnt personally examine the documents and simply reported what someone had reported), while I believe Niese likely reported what he believed were present in these texts.


History of the MSS

The critical study of these MSS began in the 19th century. I have not found much on its history between the 14th century when it was supposedly created and the 19th century when scholars started critically studying it.

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[1] – Digital Vatican Library link to the MS

[2] – The Text of Josephus’s Works, T. Leoni

[3] – Josephus: the Main Manuscripts of “Antiquities”

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