Josephus in Fomenko’s New Chronology

This article contains a list of places where Josephus is mentioned in Fomenko’s New Chronology.

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How It Was In Reality. Chapter 2. Part 18. Mentioned in #95.

The beginning of Josephus’ accounts of Christ.


How It Was In Reality. Chapter 4. Part 31.

Josephus reports on the battle between David and Goliath. This is the first battle in which fire arms are used. Josephus also mentions how Goliath’s spear was too heavy to be carried in one hand, and that it was carried over his shoulder.


How It Was In Reality. Chapter 6. Part 30. Part 40.

Part 30. Josephus is mentioned in relation to Joan of Arc/Deborah.

Part 40. Josephus describes the defence of Moscow by Skopin-Shuisky in 1610 followed by the final victory over the ‘Poles’ and the liberation of Moscow in 1612 by Pozharsky and Minin. This has been pushed back in history as ‘The Jewish War’ describes the civil war in Judaea under the emperor Titus, followed by the siege, military assault and the fall of Jerusalem, the capital of Judaea.

“The ‘ancient’ book ‘The Jewish War’ by Flavius Josephus describes the grandiose war encompassing not only the Judaic Kingdom, but the entire Roman Empire comprising Judaea, among others. As we understand, the subject matter is the Times of Troubles in Russia and the wars of the Reformation, spreading all over Europe. Thus the voluminous work of Flavius Josephus was devoted to the events of the XVI-XVII cc. which his contemporaries were deeply passionate about.”


Split of the Empire. Forward.

Josephus is mentioned in relation to the capture of Jerusalem.


Heracles. Forward.

Josephus is listed among other names of people who reported on events from the 12th-17th centuries.

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