The Changing Images of Magi

This is the master list for the images of magi. Due to there being over 450 depictions of the magi, I have split the collection into 7 categories. The dates are determined by the traditional timeline.

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Magi Images: Pre-14th century (26 total)

Magi Images: 14th century (17 total)

Magi Images: 15th century (140 total)

Magi Images: 16th century (136 total)

Magi Images: 17th century (82 total)

Magi Images: Post-17th century (49 total)

Magi Images: Unknown century (14 total)

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1 –

2 –

3 –

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One Comment on “The Changing Images of Magi

  1. Hi Stephen,
    I was watching your posts on the subject and the old paintings. This is fascinating subject that I wasn’t aware of before. I always thought that the whole idea of the 3 Magi bearing gifts for Jesus has been somehow contrivied, since it does not seem to be adding anything of value to the theology of Jesus itself. In terms of adoration and homage, it could have been added in a more natural and convenient fashion in may better ways. Yet the fact that it persisted in the doctrine plus the fact that the story has been presented in so many paintings and frescos, yet is somewhat underplayed in the 4 gospels, does seem to indicate that it may be an important “shadow” or “echo” of some important event, important enough that “they” could not have completely deleted it, yet had to be obfuscated enough, in order not to interfere with the approved fake story line of the official church doctrine. Your observation that one of the Magi was a woman is spot on, IMHO. Another mystery is that how could people building the Cologne Cathedral for the relic, were able to explain the presence of the 3 dead Magi or 3 Royals presumably from 3 different countries of the East, ended up buried together? There must be another story involving that aspect which is now completely lost. Regards, Stan (Heretic) Bleszynski

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