The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 685 AD

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 685 AD has been classified as either a Subplinian or a Strombolian eruption. The activity took place in February and March. There were earthquakes, a plinian column, and related fallout.

The sources for this event are:

1 – Paolo Diacono, Historia Longobardorum, liber VI, cap. IX.

2 – Giorgio Agricola, De re metallica. De natura eorum quae effluunt ex terra, liber IV.

3 – “Appendix to the holy legend of San Gennaro (in Alfano, 1924).”

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An Overview of the History of Mount Vesuvius

1 – Chronology of Vesuvius’ activity from A.D. 79 to 1631 based on archeomagnetism of lavas and historical sources

2 – Mount Vesuvius: 2000 years of volcanological observations

3 – Vesuvius Before the 1631 Eruption

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