Biography of Philipp Clüver

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Philipp Clüver (1580-1622). He studied history and geography at the University of Leiden under the instruction of Joseph Scaliger. Today he is sometimes recognized as the Father of Historical Geography.

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1580 – He is born in Danzig, Royal Prussia.

1611 – He titles his first work as Commentarius de tribus Rheni alveis, et ostiis; item. De Quinque populis quondam accolis; scilicet de Toxandris, Batavis, Caninefatibus, Frisiis, ac Marsacis.

1616 – He releases Germania Antiqua.

1619 – He releases Siciliae Antiquae libri duo and Sardinia et Corsica Antiqua.

1622 – He dies in Leiden, Netherlands.

1624 – His Italia Antiqua is released posthumously.

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1 –üver

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