Tsar of the Slavs Chapter 9 Contents

Chapter 9 – Many bright facts from the Russian history of the 16th-18th centuries, found by a historian of the 19th century Ivan Zabelin, and sometimes considered by him to be strange, well agree with our reconstruction

1 – Destruction and desolation of the Moscow Kremlin, starting from the epoch of Peter I, from the beginning of the 18th century

2 – What became an original of the gilded signature of the epoch of Ivan the Terrible in the Middle Golden Room? If the known today copy of it corresponds to its lost original?

3 – The image and everyday life of the palaces of Kremlin of the 16th-17th centuries badly answers to the picture, suggested to us by the later Romanovs’ historians. The Romanovs’ version often contradicts with the remaining documents

4 – Why in decoration of the Moscow Kremlin of the 16th-17th centuries “antique” and Biblical motives sound especially loudly

5 – Through which refractive prism do we look today at the past of Russia of the 14th-16th centuries? A struggle in the Russian society of the 17th-18th centuries

6 – Public mockery of some books of the Horde Bible, organized by the western reformers together with Romanovs

7 – Why foreign ambassadors were “arrogantly” met in the capital of Russia

8 – It appeared that “antique” Greeks and Romans wore Russian clothes of the 14th-17th centuries

9 – Palace = harem in Russia-Horde of the 14th-16th centuries

10 – Evolution of the position of I E Zabelin under the influence of work with old documents from “West-oriented” = Scaligerian-Romanovs’ to rather critical and Slavophilian

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