Tsar of the Slavs Chapter 6 Contents

Chapter 6 – Kolyada

1 – The songs of Bulgarians-Pomacs about God Kolyada

2 – Tsar Black Kharapin in the Bulgarian songs and tsar Manuel Comnenus in the Byzantine history

3 – Relations of Kolyada and Black Kharapin in the Bulgarian songs and relations of Andronicus-Christ and Manuel

4 – Yudes-samovils or Vils in the legends about Kolyada and the judges of Vil in the Byzantine history of the 12th century

5 – The capital of the Tsardom at the time of God Kolyada was called Istanbul. Jordan and Danube

6 – Tsar Black Kharapin builds an unprecedented palace instead of the burnt-out one. Tsar Manuel Comnenus builds a wonderful church of St. Irene instead of the burnt one

7 – A thunder, thrown by God Vishnu on Black Kharapin, and a thunder, which stunned Manuel

8 – A cloud, hiding Kolyada from Black Kharapin, and a cloud, which Manuel Comnenus tried to catch

9 – Probably the famous word Chaldea appeared from the name Kolyada

10 – The birth of astronomy at the epoch of the Chaldean Stardom of the 11th-13th centuries. Biblical Syth, son of Adam, born at end of the 10th century AD.

11 – “ancient”-Roman calendar and folk carols, which reached our days

12 – Folk tales about Kolyada-Christ

13 – “Antique” goat Amalthaea in carols

14 – Santa Claus or Santa Crus and Kolyada

15 – A persecution of the songs of Bulgarians-Pomaks about God Kolyada, which took place in the 18th-19th centuries. A memory about the correct history was destroyed.

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