Tsar of the Slavs Chapter 5 Contents

Chapter 5 – Osiris

1 – Egypt – a family burial ground of the tsar dynasty, from which was Andronicus-Christ

2 – The holy history in the “ancient”-Egyptian lightning

3 – The birth of Osiris and the birth of Christ. The baptism of Christ

4 – The birth of Christ “from the maiden’s side” and the birth of the Egyptian god Setus or Typhon from the side of mother

5 – The abstinence of Wednesday in Christianity and the Egyptian abstinence in “unsuccessful third day”

6 – The wanderings of Andronicus-Christ and the wanderings of Osiris to far lands

7 – The Greek names Osiris – Dionysus and Bacchus, meaning “Nicene God” and “God”, are absolutely applicable to Christ

8 – The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ = the punishment and resurrection of Osiris

9 – The eye of god Chorus, torn out by Set-Satan, and the hurt eye of Christ

10 – The cut off hand of Osiris and the cut off hand of Andronicus-Christ and Andrew the Pious

11 – Osiris-Christ and the Russian tale about Svyatogor

12 – The Resurrection of Christ and the Resurrection of Osiris

13 – The birth of Osiris with the Caesarian operation and the Christian service to Osiris and Isis

14 – The three triads of Egyptian gods and the three triads of Christian “heaven hierarchy”

15 – Construction of the Cross and construction of the pillar of Osiris

16 – Three great pyramids of Egypt as a symbol of Christian triunity

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