Tsar of the Slavs Chapter 3 Contents

Chapter 3 – The Great Prince Andrew the Pious of the 12th century – It is a reflection of the Jesus Christ during his presence in Vladimir-Suzdal Russia of the 12th century, where he spent the most part of his life

1 – A short biography of Andrew the Pious, according to the Romanov’s version

2 – What is known about the mother of Andrew the Pious and about his childhood?

3 – A struggle of the older Yuri (George) Dolgorukiy with his nephew, young Izyaslav Mstislavich – it is the struggle of evangelic Herod with “infant Jesus”

4 – “The beating of infants” by the order of tsar Herod, described in the Gospels – it is the murder of young princes Boris and Gleb with their young courtiers by the order of tsar Sviatopolk the Damned

5 – A secret runaway of Andrew the Pious with “the image of God’s mother”

6 – In 1169 the God’s mother addressed to Jesus Christ with a request not to assault Novgorod and Andrew the Pious immediately agreed

7 – Evangelic John the Baptist and “two” bishops of the 12th century – Leon and Fedor in Vladimir-Suzdal Russia

8 – The martyrs death of Andrew the Pious and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

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