Tsar of the Slavs Chapter 2 Contents

Chapter 2 – Imperator Andronicus Comnenus of the 12th century. It is Jesus Christ during his presence in Tsar-Grad

1 – A short chronicle biography of imperator Andronicus

2 – A detailed tale about the evangelic events by the ancient book “The Passion of Christ”

3 – The name of Andronicus and the names of his confidants

4 – Tsar of the Fame = Tsar of the Slavs = Tsar of the Christians

5 – Christ-Andronicus as King of the Jews

6 – A sentence of Andronicus, written from the name of God

7 – An apostolic outreach of Andronicus and the Baptism of Russia

8 – Russian customs at the court of Andronicus-Christ

9 – The wanderings of Andronicus before his enthronement and the wanderings of Christ before his entry to Jerusalem

10 – The wonders of Andronicus and the wonders of Christ

11 – An outstanding mind of Andronicus

12 – A fall of the tower of Siloam at the presence of Christ

13 – A legend about the Golden Century as a foggy memory about the governance of Christ

14 – Andronicus with a scythe in his hands

15 – The huge height of imperator Andronicus and the Shroud of Turin

16 – The star of Bethlehem or the Halley’s Comet and a comet “expressing Andronicus”

17 – The age of Christ and the age of Andronicus

18 – The bifurcated beard of Christ and the bifurcated beard of Andronicus

19 – An abstinence of Christ and an abstinence of Andronicus

20 – An expulsion of merchants from the church

21 – Christ, a teacher and a wiseman, Andronicus – a teacher and a sophist

22 – Andronicus and the Judaists

23 – The first martyr Stephen and the first hurt for Andronicus Stephen Hagiochristophorites

24 – Christ puts off a heavy cross from himself on the way to the Calvary

25 – A pyramidal hat of Andronicus and a Christian tiara

26 – Christ judged as a having power person

27 – Angels serve to Christ and Angels serve to Andronicus

28 – Angel Isaac, who revolted against Andronicus, and the supreme Angel Satan, who revolted against God

29 – The Lord’s supper, a betrayal of Judas, a recognition of Christ, his arrest and the trial of Pilate in the Byzantine biography of Andronicus I Comnenus

30 – Angel Isaac dragged Andronicus by an iron chain on the neck

31 – The evangelic court of bishop Ann and the Byzantine prison of Anem

32 – The cut out eye of Andronicus and the hurt eye of Christ on the Shrine

33 – The cut right hand of Andronicus and the implicit laceration of the right hand of Christ on the Shroud

34 – Who betrayed Christ

35 – The passion of Christ and the punishment of Andronicus

36 – Removal from the Cross, burying and resurrection

37 – Why the early-Christian authors stated that the second coming of Christ will take place in the 8th century

38 – A prediction of Christ-Andronicus about his death

39 – Pharisees and Sadducees are Prasinoi (Greens) and Venetoi (Blues) in Czar-Grad

40 – Participation of the Latins in the punishment of Christ-Andronicus

41 – Repeats of the history of Andronicus in the work of Niceties Choniates

42 – Herodias = Euphrosinia

43 – John the Baptist = John Comnenus

44 – John Lagos as one more repeat of the history of Andronicus-Christ of Niketes Choniates

45 – A further vague reference to a revolt against Andronicus-Christ as “The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden”

46 – Apostle Jacob, a brother of the God in body, is Theodore Kastamonites

47 – An apocalyptical “Number of the Beast” 666

48 – A chronological mistake of Dionysius the Smaller and its trace in “the History” of Chroniates

49 – Why church writers stated that Christ was born on the 41st or 42nd year of Augustus

50 – Who was Augustus

51 – Julius Caesar = the Sun Czar is a partial duplicate of Andronicus-Christ

52 – The Caesarian operation

53 – The supreme god Zeus as a reflection of Jesus Christ in folk myths

54 – The evangelic imperator Tiberius “the Black” – this is black imperator Manuel Komnenus

55 – Edom, on which Christ was crucified, according to the Apocalypse, this is Eudom, a suburb of Tsar-Grad

56 – The Crusade of 1199-1204 – this is the capture of Jerusalem as a revenge for the crucifixion of Andronicus-Christ in 1185

57 – The Crusades went on Jerusalem = Tsar-Grad not from the West, as we are convinced today, but from the East

58 – The word “Caesar” and “Nazarene” initially meant the same and were applied to Christ

59 – Calvary = Beykoz and a symbolic tomb of Yusa-Christ

60 – A miracle in Cana of Galilee – it is invention of the Russian vodka by Christ

61 – Jesus Christ introduced the Russian trousers in “antique” Rome of the 12th century

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