400 Years of Deception

This article contains the ChronologyTruth overview of A. T. Fomenko’s ‘400 Years of Deception’.

The book’s table of contents contains;


Chapter 1. Chronological problem of ancient and medieval history

1 – Roman chronology as the foundation of European chronology

2 – Scaliger and Petavius. Creation in the 16th-17th centuries of the now generally accepted version of chronology and history of antiquity and the Middle Ages

3 (3.1-3.5) – Doubts about the correctness of the chronology of Scaliger-Petavius

4 – The difficulties of establishing the correct chronology of ancient Egypt

5 – The problem of dating “ancient” primary sources. Tacitus and Poggio. Cicero and Barcizza. Vitruvius and Alberti

6 – Measurement of time in the Middle Ages. “Chaos of medieval dating”. Medieval anachronisms

7 – Dating Bible Books

8 (8.1-8.2) – Difficulties in reading old texts

9 (9.1-9.2) – Scaliger’s geography of biblical events and its problems

10 – The difficulties of the geographical localization of many events of “antiquity”

11 – Biblical geography

12 – The Mysterious Age of “Renaissance” in Scaligerian chronology

13 (13.1-13.6) – Archaeological dating methods

14 (14.1-14.2) – The difficulties of dendrochronology and some other supposedly “independent” dating methods

15 (15.1-15.4) – Radiocarbon dating. Chaotic scatter of radiocarbon dates on “ancient”, medieval and modern patterns

16 (16.1-16.7) – Critical analysis of the radiocarbon dating method

17 – Numismatic dating

Chapter 2. Astronomical Dating

1 – Mysterious jump of the parameter D “ in the theory of the motion of the moon

2 (2.1-2.4) – Are the eclipses of “antiquity” and the Middle Ages correctly dated?

3 – The rise of the dates of the “ancient” eclipses in the Middle Ages eliminates riddles of the behavior of the parameter D “

4 (4.1-4.3) – Astronomy shifts “ancient” horoscopes in the Middle Ages

5 (5.1-5.5) – Briefly about some Egyptian zodiacs

6 – Astronomy in the New Testament

Chapter 3. Astronomical dating of the biblical book “Apocalypse”

1 – The idea of the method

2 – When was the Apocalypse written? General information

3 – Astronomical horoscope in the Apocalypse

4 – Astronomical dating of the apocalypse according to his horoscope

5 – Our reconstruction of the original content of the Apocalypse

Chapter 4. Astronomy in the Old Testament

1 (1.1-1.7) – Medieval Astronomy in the Old Testament Bible Book “Ezekiel”

2 – When was the Old Testament biblical prophecy of “Zechariah” written

3 – When was the Old Testament biblical prophecy of “Jeremiah” written

4 – When was the Old Testament biblical prophecy of “Isaiah” written

5 – When was the Old Testament biblical prophecy of “Daniel” written

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