Regal Rome, First Empire 753-500 BC

According to Livy;

1 – Romulus Quirinus

2 – Numa Pompilius 

3 – Tullus Hostilius

4 – Ancus Marcius

5 – Tarquinius the Elder

6 – Servius Tullius 

7 – Tarquinius the Proud

8 – Fall of regal Rome, expulsion of kings, war with Tarquins c. 500 BC

9 – Tarquins’ clan, TRQN, adversaries of Rome

10 – Valerius (Volusius’ son), Roman army commander, Tarquins’ adversary. VLRS. Charging Valerius with betrayal

11 – Letter of Tarquinius the Proud to Roman senate. Conspiracy in Rome and its discovery

12 – First battle of Rome in 545. Tarquins lost

13 – Second expedition to Rome in 546. Army commander Lartius, Roman. Tarquins’ defeat 

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