List of Scandinavian Manuscripts

“Death of Olaf” manuscript

This article contains a list of Scandinavian manuscripts. The manuscripts are listed by country and are not ordered in any meaningful way. Please email me or comment if you have information which you would like to see added.

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Danish Manuscripts

Brevis Historia Regum Dacie – ????

Chronica Jutensis – original lost, four surviving manuscripts from at least the 15th century supposedly based on a 14th century original

Chronicon Lethrense – allegedly from the 12th century

Chronicon Roskildense – the original is lost, copies from the 13th, 16th, and 17th centuries exist

Chronica Sialandie – written allegedly between the 11th and 14th centuries?

Compendium Saxonis – original lost, three 15th century copy exists and one 14th/15th century copy exists

Gesta Danorum – 13th century

Skibby Chronicle – 16th century

Annales of Essenbæk – written 14th century, named in the 18th century

Annales of Lund – written around the mid-13th to early 14th centuries.

Annales Ryenses – written no earlier than the start of the 14th century

Codex Holmiensis – written 13th century?, succeeded by the 17th century but certain parts were used until 1900.

Codex Runicus – written around 1300


Norwegian Manuscripts

Codex Frisianus – written in the 14th century, it appears out of obscurity in the 16th century and purchased by Ani Magnússon at the end of the 17th century.

Diplomatarium Norvegicum – this is a series of books which date as early as the mid-11th century and mostly after the start of the 14th century.

Historia Norwegiæ – this is a short history of Norway which has been dated to being created in the early 16th century

Hirdskraa – ‘The book of the hird’, dated to the end of the 13th century, recopied widely in the 14th century

Konungs skuggsjá – an educational text dated to around the mid-13th century

Old Norwegian Homily Book – the MS has been dated to the start of the 13th century

Regesta Norvegica – first published in 1898, it is a chronological inventory of all known documents relating to the history of Norway during the Middle Ages

Strengleikar – dated to the 13th century


Swedish Manuscripts

Annals of Lund – written around the mid-13th to early 14th centuries.

Diarium Vadstenense – written between the 14th and 16th centuries.

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3 Comments on “List of Scandinavian Manuscripts

  1. You haven’t included the ‘Wulfilas Bible’ supposedly written in Gothic, which the Swedes claim they have carbon dated to the fourth century, and currently in their national library at Upsala. However they seem strangely reluctant to supply the details in English (to me anyway). If authentic this drives a horse and troika through a lot of what chronological theorists (e.g. me) are saying. I know you’re a busy man, Stephen, but you sound Swedish so could you get on to this. Like now! Unless it is genuine in which case, like don’t.
    Thanking you in nervous anticipation
    Mick Harper

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