List of Architectural Styles, Neoclassical and Revivalist and Orientalist Eras

This article contains a list of architectural styles that developed in the Neoclassical era and Revivalist and Orientalist eras.

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Neoclassical (c.1715-1820)

Neoclassical Architecture

Beaux-Arts (1670+ in France and 1880 in USA)

Beaux-Arts Architecture

Georgian (1720-1840s)

Georgian Architecture

Jamaican Georgian Architecture (1750-c.1850)

Jamaican Georgian Architecture

American Colonial (1720-1780s)

American Colonial Architecture

Pombaline Style (1755-c.1860)

Pombaline Style Architecture

Adam Style (1760-1795)

Adam Style Architecture

Federal (1780-1830)

Federal Architecture

Empire (1804-1830, revival 1870)

Empire Architecture

Regency (1811-1830)

Regency Architecture

Antebellum (1812-1861)

Antebellum Architecture

Palazzo Style (1814-1930)

Palazzo Style Architecture

Neo Palladian

Neo Palladian Architecture


Jeffersonian Architecture

American Empire (1810)

American Empire Architecture

Greek Revival Architecture

Greek Revival Architecture

Rundbogenstil (1835-1900)

Rundbogenstil Architecture

Neo-Grec (1845-65)

Neo-Grec Architecture

Nordic Classicism (1910-30)

Nordic Classicism Architecture

Polish Neoclassicism

Polish Neoclassicism Architecture

New Classical (20th/21st century)

New Classical Architecture

Temple (1832+)

Temple Architecture


Revivalism and Orientalism


Revivalism Architecture

Resort Architecture

Resort Architecture

Victorian (1837-1901)

Victorian Architecture

San Francisco Victorian

San Francisco Victorian Architecture


Pre-Victorian Era Revivals

Romanian Revival (17th-18th cc)

Romanian Revival Architecture

Gothic Revival (1740+)

Gothic Revival Architecture

Scotts Baronial

Scotts Baronial Architecture

Italianate (1802-1890)

Italianate Architecture

Egyptian Revival (1809-1820s, 1840s, 1920s)

Egyptian Revival Architecture

Biedermeier (1815-1848)

Biedermeier Architecture

Russian Revival (1826-1917)

Russian Revival Architecture

Russo-Byzantine Style (1861-1917)

Russo-Byzantine Style Architecture

Russian Neoclassical Revival

Russian Neoclassical Revival Architecture

Victorian Era Revivals

Renaissance Revival (1840-90)

Renaissance Revival Architecture

Timber Frame Revival

Timber Frame Revival Architecture

Black and White Revival (1811+)

Black and White Revival Architecture

Jacobethan (1830-70)

Jacobethan Architecture

Tudorbethan, a.k.a. Mock Tudor (1835-1885+)

Tudorbethan Architecture

Baroque Revival, a.k.a. Neo-Baroque (1840?-)

Neo-Baroque Architecture

Bristol Byzantine (1850-1880)

Bristol Byzantine Architecture

Edwardian Baroque (1901-1922)

Edwardian Baroque Architeture

Second Empire (1855-1880)

Second Empire Architecture

Napoleon III Style (1852-1870)

Napoleon Style Architecture

Queen Anne Style (1870-1910s)

Queen Anne Style Architecture


Orientalism Architecture

Neo-Mudéjar (1880s-1920s)

Neo-Mudéjar Architecture

Moorish Revival

Moorish Revival Architecture

Egyptian Revival (1920s)

Egyptian Revival Architecture

Mayan Revival (1920-1930s)

Mayan Revival Architecture

Indo-Saracenic Revival a.k.a. Hindu Style, Indo Gothic, Mughal-Gothic, Neo-Mughal, Hindu-Gothic (late 19th century)

Indo-Saracenic Revival Architecture

Rural Styles

Swiss Chalet Style (1840s-1920s+)

Swiss Chalet Style Architecture

Adirondack (1850s)

Adirondack Architecture

National Park Service Rustic, a.k.a. Parkitecture (1903+)

Parkitecture Architecture

Western False Front

Western False Front Architecture

Revivals in North America

Romanesque Revival (1840-1930s)

Romanesque Revival Architecture

Carpenter Gothic (1870+)

Carpenter Gothic Architecture

High Victorian Gothic

High Victorian Gothic Architecture

Collegiate Gothic (1910-1960)

Collegiate Gothic Architecture

Stick Style (1860-1890+)

Stick Style Architecture

Eastlake Style (1879-1905)

Eastlake Style Architecture

Richardsonian Romanesque (1880s-1905)

Richardsonian Romanesque Architecture

Shingle Style (1879-1905)

Shingle Style Architecture


Neo-Byzantine Architecture

American Renaissance

American Renaissance Architecture

Chateauesque (1887-1930s)

Chateauesque Architecture

Canadian Chateau (1880s-1920s)

Canadian Chateau Architecture

Mediterranean Revival (1890s+)

Mediterranean Revival Architecture

Mission Revival (1894-1936)

Mission Revival Architecture

Pueblo Revival (1898-1930+)

Pueblo Revival Architecture

Colonial Revival (1890s+)

Colonial Revival Architecture

Dutch Colonial Revival (c.1900)

Dutch Colonial Revival Architecture

Spanish Colonial Revival (1915+)

Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture

Beaux-Arts Revival (1880+)

Beaux-Arts Revival Architecture

City Beautiful (1890-20th century)

City Beautiful Architecture

Territorial Revival (1930+)

Territorial Revival Architecture

Other Late 19th Century Styles

Australian Styles

Australian Style Architecture

Queenslander (1840s-1960s)

Queenslander Architecture

Federation (1890-1920)

Federation Architecture

Neo-Manueline (1840s-1910s)

Neo-Manueline Architecture

Gradestil (1880s-1910s)

Gradestil Architecture

Neo-Plateresque and Monterrey Style (19th-early 20th centuries)

Neo-Plateresque Architecture

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