The Texts of Josephus’ Antiquities

This article aims to establish the creation dates of the textual sources used for the Josephus’ Antiquities texts. All the surviving MSS were created between the 9th (maybe 10th) and 15th centuries.

It was first printed in 1470 in Latin by Johann Schüssler in Augsburg. The first Greek print was in 1544.

Information on Jesus in Josephus.


Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews was written in 20 books.

Books 1-10

S, P. 11th c.

M. 13th c.

R, L. 14th c.

O. 15th c.

Books 11-20

P. 9th c., 10th c., *or 14th c.

A. 11th c.

L. 11th or 12th cc.

F, V, W. 14th c.

M. 15th c.

MS Contents

A. Ant. 11-20, Vita (with lacunae).

F. Ant. 1-15.

L. Ant. 11-15.

M. Ant. 11-20, Vita.

P. Ant. 11-17. Vita.

V. Ant. 3-15 (originally 1-15; there are lacunae in 13-15)

W. Ant. 11-20, War, and an epitome of Ant. 1-10

Books 1-10 MS Names & Century of Creation

P. Codex Parisinus Graecus Gr. 1419. Paris. C11th

S. Codex Vindobonensis II. A 19, once Graecus 2. C11th

F. Codex Laurentianus plut. 69, cod. 20. Florence. C14th

L. Codex Laurentianus, plut. lxix. 20. Florence. C14th

R. Codex Regius Parisinus. Paris. C14th

M. Codex Marcianus (Venetus) Gr. 381. Venice, Marcianus. C15th

O. Codex Oxoniensis (Bodleianus), miscell. graec. 186. Oxford, Bodleian. C15th

Books 11-20 MS Names & Century of Creation

P. Codex Vaticanus Palatinus, nr. 14. Rome. C9th, C10th, or C14th

A. Codex bibl. Ambrosianae F 128. Milan. C11th

L. Codex Leidensis F 13. Leiden. C11th or C12th

F. Codex Laurentianus plut. 69, cod. 20. Florence. C14th

V. Codex Vaticanus Graecus 147. Rome. C14th

W. Codex Vaticanus Graecus 984. Rome. C14th

M. Codex Medicaeus bibl. Laurentianae plut. 69, cod. 10. Florence. C15th

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