The Texts of Josephus’ Antiquities

This article aims to establish the creation dates of the textual sources used for the Josephus’ Antiquities texts. I present the conclusion here; all the current MSS were created between the 9th (maybe 10th) and 15th centuries. This is some 700-1300 years after his death.

It was first printed in 1470 in Latin by Johann Schüssler in Augsburg. The first Greek print was in 1544.

Information on Jesus in Josephus.

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The fundamental MSS for the books are listed by their siglum, followed by the century in which they were allegedly written. MSS which have no details given at all are not listed.

Books 1-10

S, P. 11th c.

M. 13th c.

R, L. 14th c.

O. 15th c.

Books 11-20

P. 9th c., 10th c., *or 14th c.

A. 11th c.

L. 11th or 12th cc.

F, V, W. 14th c.

M. 15th c.

MS Contents

A. Ant. 11-20, Vita (with lacunae).

F. Ant. 1-15.

L. Ant. 11-15.

M. Ant. 11-20, Vita.

P. Ant. 11-17. Vita.

V. Ant. 3-15 (originally 1-15; there are lacunae in 13-15)

W. Ant. 11-20, War, and an epitome of Ant. 1-10

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On Antiquities in Print


The Antiquities and War were first printed in Augsburg in 1470 between June 28th to August 23rd. The Antiquities is a Latin translation from the Greek of Cassiodorus. The War is a Latin translation from the Greek attributed to Rufinus of Aquilea. It was the first dated book of the printer J. Schüssler. It is from A. Edward Newton’s library. It was previously owned by the Franciscan Priory at Bamberg.

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[1] –

[2] – Eusebius and the “Testimonium Flavianum”

[3] –

[4] –

[5] –

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