Biography of Heinrich Karl Brugsch

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Heinrich Karl Brugsch. His detailed autobiography can be found at (1). He was a German Egyptologist who pioneered the decipherment of the Egyptian ‘Demotic’ script.

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My current concise biographical timeline for Brugsch is as follows;

1827 – Born in Berlin

1843 – he deciphers Demotic

1848 – his ‘Scriptura Ægyptiorum Demotica’ is published

1849 – his ‘Numerorum Demoticorum Doctrina’ is published

1850 – his ‘Sammlung demotischer Urkunden’ is published

1853 – the Prussian government sends him to Egypt

1854 – he returns to Berlin where he becomes privatdocent in the university

1855 – his ‘Reiseberichte aus Ägypten’ (Travel Diary of Egypt) is published and his ‘Grammaire démotique’ (Demotic Grammar) is published

1855 – he becomes an assistant in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin

1857 – he visits Egypt

1857 – his ‘Monuments de l’Egypte’ (Monuments of Egypt) is published

1857-1860 – his ‘Geographische Inschriften’ is published

1859 – his ‘Histoire d’Egypte’ (History of Egypt) is published

1860 – he goes to Persia on a special mission under Baron Minutoli

1862-1863 – his ‘Reise der königlich Preussischer Gesandtschaft nach Persien’ (Journey of the Royal Prussian Embassy to Persia) is published

1862-1882 – his ‘Recueil des monuments égyptiens’ (Anthology of Egyptian Monuments) is published

1863 – he founds ‘Zeitschrift für Aegyptische Sprache’, an Egyptological journal

1864 – he is a consul at Cairo

1867-1882 – his ‘Hieroglyphisch-demotisches Wörterbuch’ (Hieroglyphic-Demotic Dictionary) is published

1868 – he is a professor at Göttingen

1870 – he is the director of the school of Egyptology in Cairo

1872 – his ‘Hieroglyphische Grammatik’ (Hieroglyphic Grammar) is published

1875 – his ‘L’Exode et les monuments égyptiens’ (The Exodus and the Egyptian Monuments) is published

1876 – he organizes an Egyptian exhibit at the Philadelphia Exposition

1877 – his ‘Geschichte Aegyptens’ (History of Egypt from the Monuments) is published

1877-1881 – his ‘Dictionnaire géographique de l’ ancienne Egypte’ (Geographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt) is published, and his ‘Dictionnaire géographique de l’ancienne Egypte’ is published

1883 – he goes on a mission to Persia

1883-1891 – his ‘Thesaurus Inscriptionum Ægyptiacarum’ (Thesaurus of Egyptian Inscriptions) is published

1885 – he goes on another mission to Persia

1887 – his ‘Religion und Mythologie der Aegypter’ (Religion and Mythology of the Egyptians) is published

1890 – his ‘Die Ägyptologie’ (Egyptology) is published

1893 – his ‘Aus dem Morgenlande, Altes und Neues’ (From the Orient, Old and New) is published

1894 – he publishes his autobiography, Mein Leben und Wandern (My Life and Travels)

1894 – he dies

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