Biography of Giovanni Pontano

Giovanni Giovani Pontano was a renaissance humanist. He was born in 1426 and died in 1503. He has been considered one of the greatest poets of his time.

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The current concise biographical timeline for Giovanni Pontano is as follows;

c.1426 – he is born

c.1448 – he settles in Naples while being 22 years old. This is where his befriends Antonio Beccadelli, who becomes a close friend and influential figure in Pontano’s life.

1461 – he marries his first wife, Adriana Sassone. They had 3 daughters and a son.

1471 – he takes over Accademia Pontaniana after Antonio Beccadelli dies. Pontano’s influential role in this school is why it is now named after him.

1491 – Adriana Sassone dies. Soon after, Pontano marries a girl from Ferrara who we only know as Stella

1503 – he dies in Naples.

1535 – his ‘Tetrabiblios’ is first printed as a part of Joachim Camerarius’ first portfolio edition

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