This page contains links to biographical articles that I have published. These biographical articles are designed to concisely provide accurate and relevant information. This was among the first articles I ever put together and now I don’t use it as much because I have added the search feature to the website. I keep up still though because it is useful if you’re just browsing and happen to want to explore biographical articles that have been organized by century.

The number after the century is how many biographies are currently written for people in that century. There are currently over 100 biographies contained in the links below. Some centuries do not have biographies yet but are listed for the sake of continuity.

8th century BC (1)

7th century BC

6th century BC

5th century BC (4)

4th century BC (2)

3rd century BC

2nd century BC

1st century AD (4)

2nd century AD (4)

3rd century AD (1)

4th century AD

5th century AD (2)

6th century AD

7th century AD

8th century AD

9th century AD

10th century AD (1)

11th century AD

12th century AD

13th century AD

14th century AD (9)

15th century AD (26)

16th century AD (28)

17th century AD (7)

18th century AD (7)

19th century AD (13)

20th century AD (4)

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Art by Nick Tomm

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