Quotes about Chronology

Originally I had these on the homepage of my website but I’ve since moved them here. The initial idea was to have a quote about chronology from each century going back to the 1600’s, when modern chronology first began to emerge as a discipline.


“Some say the holy Ghost did obscure some things in Chronology to sharpen mens wits.”
– Edward Leigh (1663)[p.315]

“…Chronology is the Eye, the Light, the Life and Soul of History…”
– John Kennedy (1753)[p.4]

“If history without chronology is dark and confused; chronology without history is dry and insipid.”
– Noah Webster (1828)[x]

“John Locke, in Some Thoughts Concerning Reading and Study, recommended chronology as the proper study for gentlemen wishing to improve their minds and understanding.”
– James William Johnson (1962)[p.124]

“Science is dependent on the accurate measurement of time.”
– Ken MondscheinOn Time (2020)[p.3]

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