Organizing the Trinity of Martinez, et al.

This article is my effort to organize the chapters found in three volumes dedicated to fakes, forgeries, and authorship in and about the ancient world. It’s currently at 3 volumes but I figure more might be on the way.


Cueva, Edmund P., and Javier Martínez, editors. Splendide Mendax: Rethinking Fakes and Forgeries in Classical, Late Antique, and Early Christian Literature. Barkhuis, 2016. JSTOR, Accessed 12 Jun. 2022.

Guzmán, Antonio, and Javier Martínez, editors. Animo Decipiendi?: Rethinking Fakes and Authorship in Classical, Late Antique, & Early Christian Works. Barkhuis, 2018,

Lennartz, Klaus, and Javier Martínez, editors. Tenue Est Mendacium: Rethinking Fakes and Authorship in Classical, Late Antique, & Early Christian Works. Barkhuis, 2021,


The chapters are not numbered in any of the volumes.

Total Chapters: 58

Introductions: 3

Classical: 2

Greek Literature: 20

Latin Literature: 12

Late Antique Works: 4

Early Christian Works: 3

Late Antique & Early Christian Works: 8

Epigraphy & Archeology: 6


Martinez, Javier. “Cheap Fictions and Gospel Truths”

Martinez, Javier. “Classical Fakes and Forgeries: Wisdom from Nobody?”

Lennartz, Klaus. “tenue est mendacium: Introduction”


Volume 1

Doak, Brian R. “Remembering the Future, Predicting the Past: Vaticinia ex eventu in the Historiographic Traditions of the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East”

Stern, Gauis C. “Imposters in Ancient Persia, Greece, and Rome”

Greek Literature

Volume 1

Bertolin, Reyes. “The Search for Truth in Odyssey 3 and 4”

Prosperi, Valentina. “The Trojan War: Between History and Myth”

Yamuza, Emilia Ruiz. “Protagoras‘s Myth: Between Pastiche and Falsification”

Filonik, Jakub. “Impiety Avenged: Rewriting Athenian History”

Labiano, Mikel. “Dramas or Niobus: Aristophanic Comedy or Spurious Play?”

Cueva, Edmund P. “ὃ γὰρ βούλεται τοῦθ̓ ἕκαστος καὶ οἴεται: Dissembling in the Ancient Greek Novel”

Volume 2

Hafner, Markus. “Logography Reconsidered: New Issues on Cooperative Authorship in Attic Oratory”

Hernández Muñoz, Felipe G. ““Relative Hapax” in the Corpus Demosthenicum”

Kapparis, Konstantinos. “Forgery as Art in the Documents inserted in the Attic Orators”

Lennartz, Klaus. ““To sound like Plato”: Profiling the Seventh Letter”

Martin, Richard P. “Onomakritos, Rhapsode: Composition-in-Performance and the Competition of Genres in 6th -century Athens”

Volume 3

De Brasi, Diego. “What a Cruel Bee! Authority and Anonymity in Pseudo-Theocritus’s Idyll 19″

Burgess, Jonathan S. “The Periplus of Hanno: Dubious Historical Document, Fascinating Travel Text”

Capasso, Mario. “The Forgery of the Stoic Diotimus”

Kapparis, Kostas. “Fake and Forgotten: The True Story of Apollodoros, the Son of Pasion”

Labiano, Mikel. “The Athenian Decree Contained in the Corpus Hippocraticum”

Lennartz, Klaus. “Two Birds with One Stone: Thuc. 2. 41 and the Nauarchs Monument

Nesselrath, Heinz-Günther. “From Plato to Paul Schliemann: Dubious Documents on the “History” of Atlantis”

Tempest, Kathryn. “Confessions of a Literary Forger: Reading the Letters of Mithridates to Brutus”

Vatri, Alessandro. “An Interpolator Praising Forgers? Dionysius of Halicarnassus on the Pythagoreans (On Imitation, Epitome 4)”

Latin Literature

Volume 1

Sillet, Andrew. “Quintus Cicero’s Commentariolum: A Philosophical Approach to Roman Elections”

Lennartz, Klaus. “Not Without my Mother: The Obligate Rhetoric of Daphne’s Transformation”

Meckler, Michael. “Comparative Approaches to the Historia Augusta”

Volume 2

Elliott, Jackie. “Authorship and Authority in the Preface to Justin’s Epitome of Trogus’ Philippic Histories

Hendricksonk, Thomas G. “Spurious Manuscripts of Genuine Works: The Cases of Cicero and Virgil”

Pucci, Joseph. “Artistic Authority and the Impotency of Art: A Reading of Ausonius’ Third Preface”

Reichetanz, Paul. “Ea vera clementia erit – The Epistulae ad Caesarem in 1st Century AD Public Discourse”

Stachon, Markus. “Young Vergil’s Very First Poetic Exercises: Some Remarks on the Pseudo-Vergilian Liber Distichon (AL 250-257 Sh. B. = AL 256-263 R.)”

Volume 3

Henderson, John. ““Why Not Cicero?” The Spuriae I. De Exilio

Hudson, Jared. “Framing the Speaker: [Sallust] Against Cicero

La Bua, Giuseppe. “The Poet as a Forger: Fakes and Literary Imitation in Roman Poetry”

San Vincente, J. Ignacio. “Mark Antony’s Will and his Pietas

Late Antique Works

Volume 1

Baudoin, Anne-Catherine. “Truth in the Details: The Report of Pilate to Tiberius as an Authentic Forgery”

Kristi, Eastin. “Virgilius Accuratissimus: The “Authentic” Illustrations of William Sandby’s 1750 Virgil”

Pedroni, Luigi. “The Salii at the Nonae of October: Reading Lyd. Mens. 4.138 W”

Tolsa, Cristian. “Evidence and Speculation about Ptolemy’s Career in Olympiodorus”

Early Christian Works

Volume 1

Brown, Scott. “Mar Saba 65: Twelve Enduring Misconceptions”

Karanasiou, Argyri. “A Euripidised Clement of Alexandria or a Christianised Euripides? The Interplay of Authority between Quoting Author and Cited Author”

Mulke, Markus. “Heretic Falsification in Cyprian’s Epistulae?”

Late Antique & Early Christian Works

Volume 2

Abenstein, Christina. “Facts, Fakes or Fiction? Considering Ancient Quotations”

Clark, Frederic. “Historia and Fabula: Dares Phrygius between Truth and Fiction in the Twelfth Century”

Luca, Grillo. “Tertullian’s Attack on the Valentinians and the Rhetoric of Fake”

Lampinen, Antti. “Forging the Feel of Ancient Ethnography in Pseudo-Jerome’s Cosmography of Aethicus Ister”

Mulke, Markus. “The Author-Translator: Progress or Problem? Augustinus on the Vetus Latina and Jerome’s Vulgata

Volume 3

Dorda, Esteban Calderón. “Falsehoods and Distortions in the Transmission of the New Testament Text”

Neil, Bronwen. “Forging the Faith: Pseudo-Epistolography in Christian Late Antiquity”

Whiting, Colin M. “Two Forged Letters and the Heirs of Athanasius and Lucifer”

Epigraphy (& Archeology)

Volume 2

Barron, Caroline. “Latin Inscriptions and the Eighteenth-Century Art Market”

Cooley, Alison E. “Fakes, Forgeries and Authenticity: The curious case of Flora”

Graf, Fritz. “Phantom Travels: On the Story of a Lycian Inscription”

Volume 3

Keegan, Peter. “False Positive: Testing the Authenticity of Latin Graffiti in Ancient Pompeii”

Momigliano, Nicoletta. “Minoan Fakes and Fictions”

Temiño, Ignacio Rodríguez & Ana Yáñez. “Considerations on the Judgement of Criminal Court No. 1 of Vitoria-Gasteiz on the Iruña-Veleia Case”

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