Exploring the Newsworthy Past

Each and every week that you’ve been alive, news about the past has been released. This is news that focuses on all things history. Topics in this genre of news include (but are not limited to) recently discovered archeological sites, buildings, artefacts, coins, paintings, manuscripts, oddities and ideas. Anything from the past deemed worthy enough to make the news is part of the newsworthy past.

I’ve written a number of news articles about events in the realm of history. To see them, check here: https://ctruth.today/category/news/.

This article is a guide to how I find news stories to write about. It lays bare my search methods and invites you to give your input on how I could improve my process.

The term “newsworthy past” is taken from Jason Steinhauer’s “History Disrupted: How Social Media and the World Wide Web Have Changed the Past” (2021). I recommend reading this book so get yourself a copy if you can through my Amazon Affiliate link @ https://amzn.to/3yRahpW.

Aims of Exploration

1 – Share news stories related to history

2 – Share methods of finding history news

3 – Share methods of analysis


These are some questions I frequently ask when reading news stories:

1 – Who is the author?

2 – Where is the news posted?

3 – Is the source material accessible? This is often asked when a news article cites a recent study or publication.

4 – Do they mention how the information was determined? For example; if they say a 2000 year old vase has been found, do they mention how it was determined to be 2000 years old?

Search Engines

Google is the only search engine I know of that organizes the results by newest to oldest.

Some search engines that do not have the newest to oldest feature include: Bing, Duckduckgo, Yahoo, Yandex.

Search Terms

Please let me know if there are any relevant search terms I can add to the list below.


  • Ancient discovery
  • Ancient Egyptian/Egypt
  • Ancient Greek/Greece
  • Ancient Roman/Rome
  • Archeologists discover
  • Archeology
  • Archeology breakthrough


  • Historians
  • Historical breakthrough
  • Oldest found


  • Ancient forgery
  • Medieval forgery


  • Ancient coins
  • Forged coins
  • Medieval coins

In the News

These are the links to episodes based on this article.

Ep.1: DISCOVERED: Ancient Roman Cemeteries & Mosaics, UAE’s Oldest Known Buildings, Stonehenge Era Thing.
(Feb. 22, 2022)

Ep.2: DISCOVERED: World’s Oldest Sculptures, 40,000 Year Old Chinese Culture, Ancient Egyptian Wells +more
(Mar. 3, 2022)

Ep.3: DISCOVERED: Largest Illegal Roman Britain Silversmithing Site Marble Heads Ancient Farms Arrowheads
(Mar. 16, 2022)

Ep.4: DISCOVERED: Ancient Curse Tablet Lead Sarcophagus Tombs Pools Notre Dame Old Pants Rock Paintings
(Mar. 29, 2022)

Ep.5: DISCOVERED: Ancient British Celtic Kings’ Graves, Ancient Roman Column, 2200 Year Old Fruit Baskets
(Apr. 8, 2022)


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