Macedonian Calendar

The Macedonian calendar is a lunisolar calendar that originated in Macedonia.

The old Macedonian calendar had leap month added biyearly (once every two years).[1, p.38]


332 BCE: Alexander the Great entered Egypt and the Macedonian calendar came with him.[1, p.38] In Egypt, the calendar was mainly used by cults.[1, p.39]

c.240 BCE: The months of the Macedonian calendar fell out of alignment with the moon.[1, p.38]

Late-C3rd BCE: The Macedonian and Egyptian calendar were not in sync and so the prior was fixed to match the latter.[1, p.39] This system of matching was in use until the late C2nd CE.[1, p.40]

163 BCE: The Macedonian calendar was once again made the official calendar of Egypt. This time it was done by Ptolemy VII Philometor.[1, pp.39-40]



[1] – E. J. Bickerman. “Chronology of the Ancient World” (England, 1968). Accessed 1 Feb. 2021.

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