Steve & Steve: A Summary of Interactions Between Cominski & Sorensen

Stephen Cominski is the creator Baked & Awake. I’m Stephen Sorensen and I’m the creator of Ctruth. Him and I have had a number of conversations since our first one in 2019. This article provides a brief history of our interactions from the first one until today, February 1st, 2021. I wrote this article because prior to writing it, I was uncertain about the details of our interactions.

I think we are planning on recording some audio together this weekend and I’m excited about that. I think we’ll be discussing our perspectives on the past two years and we’ll be getting to know each other more. I’ll update this article again after him and I record.


February 10th, 2019: This was almost exactly a month after I created Ctruth. Cominski reached out to me through Facebook messenger by messaging the Ctruth Facebook page. Apparently I had laugh reacted a post of his where he endorsed the work of one of our contemporaries. Given that it’s been about two years since then, I don’t remember what the post was but looking at our messages, it does sound like something I would have laugh reacted back then.

Nowadays I’m much more polite and respectful than when I first began Ctruth. There are things I see now that I wouldn’t laugh react now but would have back then. Additionally, I was more aggressive with my approach back then compared to now. Regardless of my tactlessness, I think Cominski was polite with his messages given the controversial nature of our chat. We did have some poor communication in those messages but I don’t think either of us were ever hostile towards each other.

February 19th-23rd, 2020: It was on this day that I joined Cominski’s Discord server. This was a little bit over a year after our first interaction and I had completely forgotten about the messages from February 10th, 2019. The reason why I joined was because I saw a video where him and the person that inspired our first chat had done a video together (on Cominski’s Baked and Awake YouTube channel) where that inspirational person was sharing more information which I thought and still think was false and lacked any solid basis.

Him and I had a back and forth in his server over the course of a few days and I think in the end our conversation was beneficial. Last I checked, the chat is still there for anyone who wants to view it. With that being said, I’ve been in the server ever since and Cominski has always been really chill from what I’ve seen.

October 10th, 2020: On this day, him and I shared our first private messages on Discord. They were about doing a collaboration video together which means by this point him and I had become friendly, if not friends.

October, 2020-February 1st, 2021: I had been watching his videos and he had been watching mine. He happened to catch the livestream of my Ctruth Update 36 video on YouTube and we chatted in the live chat together. He’d been commenting on my videos for months and from my point of view seems to really enjoy the content I’m producing.

All of that basically summarizes our interactions up to this point. What will the future bring? Stay tuned to find out.


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