My Background in History

“The shortest pencil beats the longest memory.”

My background in history really stretches back to when I was just a few months old and began developing an understanding of object permanence. History is so tightly interwoven into the culture I grew up in that it’s hard to say I was ever unaware of history or free from the application of its study. History allowed me to understand when the events of my day were taking place and how much time I had to do certain things. Regardless of the many days in my life where time seemed to drag on indefinitely as if the hour would never end, the years have gone by in a flash.

This article serves to mark some of the foundational points in my academic studies.

2008-2014 (Ages 13-19) – My main academic focus was in religion and philosophy studies but I also had an interest in physics. It was during these years that I started participating more on Khan Academy.

2014/15 (19/20) – My focus shifted more towards the history of education, specifically the history of American education. For about a year I had been thinking about writing a book on this topic.

2016 (21) – I first began looking into Fomenko’s New Chronology (FNC). For the next two years or so I mostly just read the books in FNC and the arguments against FNC.

2018, August 14th (23) – I created Fomenko Studies, a Facebook group focused on studying and discussing the works in FNC. It was also around this time that I started trying to get the educated professionals in relevant fields to analyze FNC, but I have still to this day had no luck with this.

2019, January 2nd (23) – I created Ctruth to better organize my studies into history and to be able to more easily share those studies with other people.

2020 Summer (25) – This is around the time when I made some serious improvements to my study methods. I started citing my sources much more thoroughly and started being more selective with my sources, mostly just including more academic sources. Prior to this time, I was mostly going over the basics of history. After this time, I began getting into way more of the technical details.

2020 Fall (25) – I began pursuing a BA in History. I started pursuing this for a number of reasons. One reason is because I wanted to connect with others who were serious about studying history. I figure history majors generally aren’t pursuing such a degree for fame and fortune, but for a love for history. I could be wrong about this but so far in my experience this has proven to be true. Another reason is that I wanted to see what it really takes to get a history degree.

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