Huge Find, 27 Ancient Coffins Discovered In Egypt


A huge amount of coffins were discovered earlier this month and the news was released over the weekend. Numbering 27 in total so far, these colorfully painted, sealed wooden coffins are well preserved and are believed to be around 2,500 years old. They were discovered inside of a well in Saqqara’s ancient necropolis, just south of Cairo, Egypt’s capital.


“Initial studies indicate that these coffins are completely closed and haven’t been opened since they were buried”
– Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities


Thirteen coffins were discovered earlier this month, but since then 14 more have been found. The archeologists working the site don’t know how many more to expect, and this could very well turn out to be the largest find in over a century. Saqqara is an Unesco World Heritage site, and was used as a burial ground for over 3,000 years. Archeologists are currently excavating the site to learn more about where these coffins originated. There were other colorful and well-crafted artifacts discovered alongside the coffins, but not much information about them has been given yet.

Here are some photos from the find:



[1] – Accessed 22 Sept. 2020.

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