Massive Ancient Stone Pool Found in Rome

The special superintendency of Rome announced the discovery of a massive ancient stone pool. The oldest parts of the site have been dated to the 5th century BC, some 2400-2500 years ago. An in-depth study has yet to be conducted, but the excavation has already turned up inscriptions, metal objects, terracotta, and wood. Until further work has been done, the exact original purpose of the pool will remain a mystery.

“The excavation, in all its grandeur, reveals an important place which lasted for over eight centuries, as demonstrated by the quantity and above all the quality of rediscovered structures, such as the monumental basin from the fourth century BC, found in all its expanse.”
~ Barbara Rossi, superintendency archaeologist

The pool is 48 metres (157.5 feet) long and 12 metres (39.5 feet) wide. It was found at a 2-hectare (4.95-acre) “rescue and preventative excavation site” that began in June 2019. The dig was being done for real-estate developments located between Via Ostiense and Via di Malafede, in southwest Rome, an area believed to have been “inhabited since prehistoric times”. In the photos below, it looks like it’s located just off of a highway. I imagine a lot of people drive by it without even knowing it’s there. Maybe that will change with future updates and finds.

“An in-depth study of the large number of materials that this investigation has returned to us and continues to return to us … will reveal the secrets of this extraordinary corner of the greater Rome area.”
~ Barbara Rossi

What do you think the pool was originally for? Who built it? Let me know what you think.

Photos by Fabio Caricchia – Soprintendenza speciale di Roma Archeologia Belle Arti e Paesaggio.”

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[1] – Accessed 13 Sept. 2020.

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2 Comments on “Massive Ancient Stone Pool Found in Rome

    • I was thinking the same thing. A lot of people on FaceBook were commenting that too

      I wonder if any other structures will be discovered nearby. Or maybe a barrel of fish, lol


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